“Pokemon Go” Podcast Reflection

Pokemon Go:

When Daniel and I first met up to prepare for our first podcast, we were kind of nervous. Although we had a general idea of how the podcast should flow, we weren’t exactly sure of how we were going to put a personal touch to it. While debating on whether we should have a script or not, we were in a little of a dilemma. Although there are some advantages to having a script, we ultimately decided to go ahead and record the episode without it. We ultimately decided this because the thought that the flow of the podcast was a vital part of the listeners experience and having a script would not allow our conversation to come across as natural. I believe we made the right decision.

Now that we had that under control, we came across another problem: We didn’t know how we were going to be able to produce 10 minutes of recording. To my surprise, it was fairly easy to reach 10 minutes of podcast, almost too easy. We got so into the conversation that when the 0 minute mark appeared on my screen, I couldn’t believe it.

Deciding what game we were going to analyze was not hard at all. I was a very enthusiastic supporter of the  “Pokémon Go” app and Daniel was not. This was perfect as his first time to ever play the game could be during the actual podcast, which served as great as entertainment purposes.

During the actual recording, we brought in a guest, Sam Han. This turned out to be a pretty good decision, as he brought in comical value to the podcast. He also knew a lot about the game, so his input was very valuable. This collaboration with another person was very valuable, as it helped a lot with the flow of the actual conversation, forcing us to think more about the questions we were going to ask and how we were going to incorporate Sam into the podcast.

Overall, I think the podcast went really well. Editing the audio was pretty easy, as using garage band is something that I am fairly comfortable with. Hopefully the audience gets to enjoy this podcast as much as we did.