Gamecast: Pokemon Go and Nostalgia

Join us in this sometimes funny, sometimes cringy but informative podcast where we go into the world of the mobile app Pokemon Go. We get into topics such as exercise, nostalgia, personal experiences, potential dangers of this type of game, and even some live gameplay with a first time gamer. All of this with the help of our special guest Sam!

Gamecast: Life is Strange and Empathy

Imagine being in possession of a supernatural power, reversing time, which most people would dream to have. It might seem that this game is like any other but as we analyze it, we discover that this game mirrors our choices we might have to make and their consequences. In this Podcast, we relate this video game to Ian Bogost’s term: “Empathy” and how it may be generated within the player.

Gamecast: 2048 and Habituation

In this episode of Gamecast, Cindy and Niky discuss the game 2048, analyzing its strategies and exploring it through different perspectives. We also raise various important questions: Why is 2048 easy to begin with but harder to handle? Can it help us improve our Math? Is being familiar with the game equal to mastering it?

We hope you enjoy!

Gamecast: Minecraft and Art/Relaxation

Minecraft players only start out with a few blocks, but have the ability to make an infinite amount of different creations. It also provides the opportunity for people to zone out and wind down while playing the game. In our podcast we discuss Minecraft as an art game and  a relaxation game and why it has become popular. 

Gamecast: Assassin’s Creed and Empathy

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Assassin’s Creed is more than a game. If used correctly, it can be a tool to teach various historical events. In our podcast we play Assassin’s Creed Unity, which takes place during the French Revolution. We look at the pros and cons of using Assassin’s Creed as a teaching medium and whether or not Ubisoft created the game to teach history.

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