“STACK” Podcast Reflection

Stacks Reflection:


Having to do a second podcast was something that I was actually looking forward to. Having already done the “Pokémon Go” podcast,  Daniel and I were pretty comfortable with having to produce a podcast episode. For this episode, we decided to analyze the game “Stack”. This was an ideal game, as Daniel had played this game extensively while I had never played the game before. This, just as in the previous episode, was good because I would be able to play it for the first time while recording the podcast.

Stack proved to be a really interesting game, both its playability and aesthetic appearance surprised me. The art and audio in this game really play a vita role in the game experience. While playing it for the first time, I could definitely see myself playing the game as means of relaxation and stress relief. For some reason, the jelly type effects that Daniel had previously unlocked gave me a sense of satisfaction every time I stacked a block.

For this podcast, we decided to write down in detail what we were going to say. Although it was not a script, it really helped us stay  on track while conversing. Interestingly, as opposed to not writing a script for the previous podcast, this podcast went far more smoothly than the previous one. I had previously thought that not having a script would allow us to have a much smoother and natural conversation but apparently I was wrong. All in all, it was a really fun and interesting experience that I would for sure do again.