Tomb Raider Podcast Reflection

They say the second time you attempt to solve a problem, it get’s easier. It was the same case for our podcast assignment. We ended up solving a lot of problems we faced during out first time doing the podcast, adding in some essential details.

The second video game for we chose was Tomb Raider: not just the latest one or the first one, but the whole saga. Tomb Raider was one of my favorites growing up and I had seen the evolution that the game went through. I wanted to analyze how the game developers differentiated between each sequel, and how they developed character and the story.

Planning out the podcast definitely got a lot easier this time. Having done it once we were a little more confident about the content of our podcast, as well as how to present it. Our podcast was more structured and we learnt about what made our episode stronger. We were able to make stronger points as we listed down what we should mention and what we could potentially shorten or remove. It also helped that we’d edited once before as the physical process of listening to the recordings sometimes proved to be tedious before. We learnt to edit much efficiently, which in turn made the podcast much better.