The similarities between myself and Toad are greater than you might think. Toad has always been my favorite character in the Mario series because of our shared characteristics.  Him and I both share a small stature, and beat our opponents with speed and quickness. Toad is also like a chameleon. When he eats a fire flower, he is able to change colors, and better able to adjust to the given situation. Although I do not change my appearance, I feel one of my strengths is my ability to adjust to any scenario.

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Fuerte El Morro en el Antiguo San Juan, Puerto Rico, al atardecer (Fort El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, overlooking the ocean at sunset)

I decided to make my avatar a photo of El Morro, a fort in Puerto Rico built by Spain in 1539 to help the island defend itself from attacking forces. This photo of El Morro overlooking the Atlantic Ocean encompasses the beauty of the island in which I was born and raised.

Creation of my Avatar

From his dashing looks to an irresistibly addicting but odd talent, Yoshi represents this blog and myself in various creative ways. As most gamers should know, Yoshi has a tendency to swallow up anything and everything just to spit it back out in the form of a deadly fireball or discard it encased in a polka-dotted egg. I believe this symbolizes exactly what my work stands for on this blog. Either viewers and readers will be burned and amazed by my “fire” blog posts or I will leave them in suspense with posts that are encased in a shell of mystery. Yoshi’s sunny demeanor and excitement for fun and games matches but sometimes surpasses my own enthusiasm. He will serve as the perfect avatar for me.

This image was edited.

Creation of my Avatar

Creating my Avatar

The reason why I chose this image to be my avatar for my domain was because the game the it represents, Elder Scrolls 5, Skyrim, was the most influential game in my gaming experience. To this day, it is still the game that I have logged the most hours on and it also given me many inside jokes with fellow gamers. Skyrim was the first open world role-playing-game that I ever played. It continuously provided me with new and exciting experiences and quests and was a game that my friends and I could bond over by talking about. One of the things that was the most fun about the game was the amount of choice involved. Whether it’s taking castles with sword and shield in hand, or fighting mages in the mountains in the north, the game simply never failed to amaze. I was in awe of the incredibly expansive upgrade system and loved to level up my character. It was also very interesting to me how much my morals in real life affected how I played the game. For example, I would never steal at first in the game even if I knew that there was no chance that I would be caught because that is not something that I would do in real life. Overall, Skyrim, was definitely one of the most fun games that I have ever played so I thought it was the natural decision to make it my avatar for my website about video games.

Figuring out how to make the avatar and upload it to my domain and subdomain, made me feel less technologically savvy. I struggled for hours trying to get it to work and for someone who plays as many video games and spends as much time on the internet as I do, it was quite embarrassing.




Samsara AVATAR-512x410I loved glasses. That was up until I had to start wearing them. I got my eyes checked in 7th grade hoping I would need them, but I didn’t. Three years later I noticed I couldn’t see the blackboard as well as I used to. I knew what I needed, and I thought I’d be happy, but I wasn’t.

How many glasses do you wear when you’re watching a 3D flick? How do you see clearly underwater without them on? Do you change them everything you walk out in the sun? Do you have to carry around two pairs? Why are they so expensive? Is there a dent in my nose?

But with all these questions still unanswered, I got used to them, I tolerated them. And now, I rely on them to help me figure out if the person coming my way has a familiar face or not (and whether I should wave back, so I can spare the embarrassment of waiving back to a stranger).

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Glasses are great.

picture from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47393687@N08/5522941329/


This is a photo that I took on my own. The photo depicts my friend’s cat and dog. I used picmonkey.com to add the texts on the picture.

I chose this image because I feel like the cat’s demeanor depicts my feeling about writing and games. Though I know this class is centered around video games, I am not a huge fan of video games. I personally do not play games in my free time, but would not be opposed to trying new things and being open minded about them. I have never really had a blog or diary while growing up so I think this will be interesting to have for english.  I also love dogs and fat cats, and that is one of the main reasons I chose this picture. The cat’s appearance in the picture is amusing to me, and I hope it will be for others.

It was kind of difficult creating this badge. I was not sure what I wanted to put as my avatar. I first searched the web for random pictures but that did not really go anywhere. As my last resort, I looked through my camera roll and found this picture that was taken about 2 years ago. In the end, I felt like I could relate to this picture the most.

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Meet Felix, my dog.  He is a major source of inspiration and happiness in my life. I took this photo during Christmas ’15 with my family. I chose Felix as my profile picture because he means much in my life.

Avatar Post


Born and raised in France, I have been taught the values of the French Republic but I also learnt from the country’s roots where in the past, the monarchy was in place. This crown represents power but also justice where from his throne, the king overlooks his country and maintains all functions in order.

Through this avatar, I wanted to portray myself as a fair person who has opinions that I am willing to share with everyone. I am a very caring person, trying to understand everyone in the best way possible just like a king does for his country. The colors chosen for this symbol all represent different characteristics. The yellow with the Sun conveys one of the major Kings who ruled France: “Le Roi-Soleil” also named Louis XIV.  The blue gems mirror the color of the lily which is an emblem of the french royalty. Furthermore, the color red represents the people. Overall, both of these colors, blue and red, embody Paris.

The major difficulty I encountered in creating this image was the process of using Photoshop which I had never used before.


Free Clipart, Clker. “Historic-France-French Royal Navy Clip Art”http://www.clker.com/clipart-9020.html

Siberian Tiger Avatar

My avatar, as it is clear, is a Siberian tiger. I chose this because tigers are my favorite animal. Everything about tigers appeals to me; with their beautiful orange color and their prominent strength, tigers are astounding animals. Siberian tigers are the world’s largest cats and, to me, they are an inspiration. I long for the day when I have the personality that resembles that of a tiger. Not scared of being alone, but instead able to thrive due to my own accomplishments and hard work. So, I decided to make my avatar a Siberian tiger, not because it’s a reflection of who I am, but rather it is a representation of who I want to be. I wrote “Niky” on the image to be able to start believing more in myself and working on achieving my goals with the personality of a tiger.

Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jinterwas/5224323360/in/photolist-9gwrab-8XE2jG-p2fuyZ-baArB2-aahDwv-mhqHUm-beu1ze-aK1T6D-efoHM4-bSx28Z-9Ty55e-kAAVYa-efusay-opaaeE-Cvbb2r-7qQam9-d1N1xs-d1N1F5-bDCfVf-bSwWj6-aj7Lvw-bSwYMR-aj7KKw-9MA8eS-bSwWLz-vkRfvm-KqXiCm-LdArgm-KWzxJC-Ks4J3y-opaodV-bSx24T

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