My badge consists of three distinct layers that embodies my personality, interests, and overall self. The background image was originally a brown and gray mixture, but I altered the color scheme to add radiance to the icon. Anyone who has ever met me would consider myself a vibrant and bubbly spirit. Therefore, I thought a storm of loud colors meshed together in unison would be highly appropriate. The bright neon “G” is the second layer of my badge and it definitely screams for attention. The darker colors surrounding this flash of light in the center illustrates the lingering light I hope to carry despite all the calamities I may face. The last and final layer of the icon is of myself looking towards the sky. I chose this particular picture because I constantly make an effort to think positively without looking down on myself or others. It was difficult at first to combine a series of images that capture my complex character. I struggled  finding specific pictures for my icon until I realized that pictures of one’s personality could not be found in the media. I had to paint my own puzzle pieces to make an icon that illustrates my unique set of interests, traits and values.


Neon “G”:

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