Week Ahead: Fiasco


Group Players
Group 1
Wed 11/9, 4-7pm
Group 2
Wed 11/9, 8-11pm
Group 3
Sun 11/13, 5-8pm
Group 4
Mon 11/14, 7-10pm

Your group will need to decide on a space to play — pretty much the only thing you’ll need is a table large enough to sit in more or less a circle around it. And you will need to decide which playset you’re going to play through (Main Street, Boomtown, Suburbia, or The Ice).

I have created a Google doc for each group with some tables laid out where you can document decision made during your gameplay. Check the Fiasco subfolder in our shared Google Drive folder.

In class on 11/8, I will distribute packs of 20 black and white dice, some index cards, and printouts of some tables from the playsets to each group.

Fiasco Rules and Setup

You should read over the Fiasco rules before class on Tuesday 11/8. Note that it has a lot of pages, but the text is very large and includes lots of pictures and tables. (I read the rule book the first time from start to finish during a short flight, in less than an hour.) Also, the actual rules run from pages 8 – 60 — the next 40 pages are the playset tables you’ll use during game play, but you don’t need to do anything more than glance over them until it’s time to play. It’s worth reading or at least skimming over the “replay” that starts on page 101. Don’t worry if the rules seem a little confusing — you will probably feel a little confused and lost as you start to play, but once you get going it will be fine.

Wil Wheaton (of Star Trek fame) co-wrote a playset for Fiasco and then got together with some friends to play the game for his show Tabletop. Below are the three parts of that show. It’s probably a good idea to watch at least the set up video and a part of the first one.

I’ve created a Google doc that charts out there game as an example for you, which is in the shared Google Drive folder too.

Class on Tuesday

In class on Tuesday, we’ll discuss the Analyzing Wolf in White Van assignment and any remaining questions about the novel itself. We’ll also discuss the rules for Fiasco, how it will work as a graded assignment, and the reflection assignment for it.

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