Kentucky Road Zero Freewrite

At first sight, Kentucky Road Zero seems to be a realistic video game about a man making a simple delivery. But from the very beginning of the game, you begin to experience happenings that indicate otherwise. Kentucky Road Zero is not your average game about going on quests to a place you cannot locate. It’s about reality, the allusion of reality, choice, and the illusion of choice. The game makes us make decisions we would never have to make in real life, or situations one would never encounter in real life. Although disguised like any average 2-dimensional video game, the game transcends into an infinite number of dimensions, and they all depend on what the player perceives them to be. If the player perceives it as magic – then magic it is. But, if perceived as reality, then the game might well be an alternate form of reality where the incidences occurring in the game are true to that reality, and the player recognizes it.