Kentucky Route Zero Freewrite

I consider Kentucky Route Zero to be a magical realist game in that it takes place in a real-world setting and typical environment (the state of Kentucky) yet it portrays a series of unrealistic and surreal events in the game that make you think otherwise. For example, people actually living in the area are familiar with Dogwood Drive and the Echo River because the creators of the game simply did not make up the names. However, not all of the setting and location elements are derived from real world places. For example, the Museum of Dwellings and the Radvansky Center are not actual places in Kentucky. Elkhorn Mine is also not an actual mine but the plot that occurs in this location makes it seem like a believable location in Kentucky. This is the place where Conway and Shannon are forced to travel throughout the mine after they took the sound test to check the entrance of the tunnels and Conway injures himself. Realistic things happen in both the fictional and nonfictional settings.