Unpacking Manuel’s Project

Unpacking Manuel’s ProjectAfter a lot of editing and fixing, my second draft of the Unpacking Manuel’s Project is finally up on my blog. You can find it on this page.

Overall, I think working on the second draft was a lot easier that it was working on the first one. This, in particular, is probably due to the fact that I started writing the first draft from scratch, and the second draft was just editing and adding more information, making the piece more detailed, and tying up loose ends. This generally revolves around the idea of writing as process. Receiving feedback from different people was definitely helpful and that helped me draw better connections between Manuel’s Tavern and the Portrait I wrote about.

This also ties into the idea of collaboration. Not just receiving feedback from a peer, but even giving feedback to a peer helped me improve my own writing and I could recognize my own shortcomings and work on them.

5. Collaboration

3. Writing as Process

Unpacking Manuel’s