Wolf in White Van

How does trauma relate to the human mind and how does trauma affect the way we perceive life and how our brains process trauma. John Darnielle explores the ideas of trauma and story telling in his novel Wolf in White Van. But how do we know what trauma is without the tell-tale signs of a catastrophic event, can someone experience trauma without something devastating occurring. Read more in my essay here.

Personally, I felt like this assignment helped me fulfill the Critical Thinking and Reading Resulting in Writing. Reading Wolf in White Van and analyzing it made me draw different connections between what the author perhaps intended to draw as well as the connotations it makes to the world we live in. After reading the book, writing about various aspects about how the book deals with trauma made me think about how many people have these experiences in real life. I was also able to draw various connections between parts of the book and how the story was tied up together.